Workers Compensation Insurance Policy

New York State has strict requirements regarding workers compensation insurance.  A company that is not covered or does not have the right level of coverage is very vulnerable to loss and penalties.  Are you at risk?  Let the Workers Compensation experts at Specialized Insurance review your current policy or existing needs to determine the best fit for you.  There are many times where we find that you are paying too much!  You’ll never be under covered or overcharged with Specialized Insurance.

What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

A workers’ compensation insurance policy provides benefits to employees for injuries and illnesses that can occur because of employment. The policy can cover payments for medical treatment, temporary and permanent disability and even, in the most unfortunate of occasions, death benefits. Workers’ Compensation insurance is a requirement in almost every state. Workers’ Compensation provides employee benefits while mitigating risk and legal exposure to our business. Each state’s regulations vary significantly so make sure that you have the most current information.

Do you have the right Workers Compensation Policy?

Don’t just assume that your Workers Compensation Policy is perfect for your situation.  First consider that business needs and structures change.  The policy you have now may or may not be relevant to your current business.  Second, also understand that not all Workers Compensation Insurance Companies are the same. Expertise in this area varies as well.  Specialized Insurance has been a local leader in consulting businesses on obtaining the right Workers Compensation coverage.  We are here to serve you with expert advice!

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