Contractors Insurance Policy

Residential and commercial contractors encounter many situations daily where they are liable for the protection of an individual’s well being and personal property.  Mistakes, mishaps, and unforeseen circumstances put your company at risk of financial loss.  If you are not covered by a contractors insurance policy or are concerned that you don’t have enough coverage, consider calling the professionals at Specialized Insurance, where we specialize in finding contractors the right insurance policy.

What is Contractors Insurance?

A Contractors Insurance Policy protects individuals working in various fields of construction and home services in the event of injury, property damage and a myriad of other situations that would be deemed as your company being at fault.  Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Roofers, General Contractors and the like should all be covered at some level with a contractors insurance policy.

Don’t risk losing the company you have worked so hard to build because of an incident.  Remember, even one negligent employee can jeopardize the future stability of your business.

What kind of Contractors Insurance Policy is right for you?

That is a great question and varies widely depending on factors such as the type of work that you do, the overall assets of the business, and more. Our agents at Specialized Insurance have worked with contractor’s protecting their livelihood with affordable contracto’s insurance policies.

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